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Monthly Rare Whisky Review for February 2018

Jamie Timoney

Rare Whisky Review by Jamie Timoney – March 9, 2018

Monthly Rare Whisky Review for February 2018

  • Volume of bottles sold: 6,885
  • % Change on January 2017: +38.25%
  • % Change on Previous Month: -3.18%
  • Total volume forecast for current year: 97,388 bottles
  • Value of bottles sold: £2,327,461
  • % Change on January 2017: +56.94%
  • % Change on Previous Month: -0.92%
  • Average value of bottles sold (current month): £338.05
  • Total value forecast for current year: £34,700,321

Benchmark Index Performance

  • Apex 1000: +0.24%
  • Negative 1000: +0.90%
  • Icon 100 (Scotch): +0.86%
  • Icon 100 (Japanese): -0.52%

All Indices Ranked by Performance against January 2018

All Indices Ranked by Performance against February 2017


As 2018 is now fully under way, we can see that while the UK secondary market was previously dominated and driven by Macallan, there has been a shift in the scales where we can now see other collections advancing. As January witnessed the record-breaking price recorded for the Macallan, Easter Elchies Cask Selection 2009 edition, this inflated the % growth for that indices in January. With the latest February figures showing more reasonable prices being reached, this would suggest a more stable outlook is on the horizon for the Apex indices. This is born out of the +0.24% increase of the Benchmark Apex 1000 index.

It’s good to see that some of the lower ranking performers in January are showing better results as the year progresses with the Flora & Fauna Index showing an increase of +2.58% and the Macallan 25 year Index increasing by +0.95% against last month.

The Karuizawa Index is showing little in the way on progression and has fallen by -2.07% against last month. While combining the Icon 100 (Japanese) and Karuizawa, we can see there has been a dip in results, but early sales figures for March would suggest that changes may be coming.

So far, we can see that 2018, while an assorted assembly of statistics, is already showing a promising outlook with the figures rising convincingly for the right bottles. This continues to follow the annual trend, with a slower start to the year through the quieter months then picking up momentum, not only in volume but in values as well.