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Monthly Rare Whisky Review for March 2018

Jamie Timoney

Rare Whisky Review by Jamie Timoney – March 29, 2018

Monthly Rare Whisky Review for March 2018

  • Volume of bottles sold: 9,149
  • % Change on March 2017: +43.22%
  • % Change on Previous Month: +28.50%
  • Total volume Forecast for current year: 97,388 bottles
  • Value of bottles sold: £3,035,058
  • % Change on February 2017: +48.15%
  • % Change on Previous Month: +17.65%
  • Average value of bottles sold (current month): £331.74
  • Total value forecast for current year: £34,700,321

Benchmark Index Performance

  • Apex 1000: +1.77%
  • Negative 1000: -1.84%
  • Icon 100 (Scotch): +0.56%
  • Icon 100 (Japanese): +7.52%

All Indices Ranked by Performance against February 2018

All Indices Ranked by Performance against March 2017


So far March 2018 has provided fascinating reading and some very strong results in the UK secondary market. Both volume and value are showing marked increases confirming the market is still in a very positive place, increasing, month on month.

We can see the Japanese Index is rebounding after its weak performance in February 2018, to finish March with a 7.25% increase. Given recent trends where value and scarcity are linked to drive positive performance, this upturn was expected.

Across the Scotch Indices, there is a continuing strength showing with a 1.77% increase across the Apex 1000. Thankfully, this isn’t just down to one or two iconic bottles being sold for record prices but for a much broader section of the market showing improved sales throughout March.

While it may not be a huge surprise to everyone that the Macallan 18yo Index is showing an increase, the scale of this months rise of +6.16% is dramatic - but not as dramatic as Karuizawa + 7.31% or the silent icon Port Ellen delivering the biggest Distillery increase of this month of +10.21%.

With no signs yet of demand slowing in the market, we continue to forecast growth is set to remain throughout 2018. From past performance, based on our historical data insights, we expect the market to maintain a steady increase (both volume and value) until the mid-year point when it will pause for breath for a month or so before velocity increases through to the end of the year.