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Distillery Design

Distillery Design

Building on Robertson’s extensive experience in the operational side of whisky making with Diageo and The Macallan - RW101 is able to offer a bespoke consultancy service for any craft, boutique or artisanal distiller looking to set up their very own distillery.

Reviewing the needs of the client we can design solutions based on the following key criteria:

  1. New spirit quality and style
  2. Mature spirit quality and style
  3. Annual production capacity/output
  4. Spirit cost per litre of alcohol

From these discussions we can then move in to Distillery Design phase and look at:

  1. Production plant design – malting, storage, milling, mashing, wort cooling, fermentation, wash distillation, spirit distillation, cask filling, effluent disposal
  2. Raw material sourcing and optimisation – malt, yeast, temperatures, flow rates, cut points, wood recipe
  3. Innovation and NPD
  4. Turn key plant/project solutions
  5. Equipment supply
  6. Customs and Excise compliance and advice

As a new start-up distillery trying to find our way in the world and develop our own style, we asked David for guidance and he was instrumental in helping us with plant design, commissioning and optimisation of our production processes and wood strategy. He was always available to assure me that we were doing a good job and provide the confidence that the team needed in those early days, weeks and months."

Liam Hughes, CEO and Co-Founder, The Glasgow Distillery Company Limited

Delivering a New Distillery

Delivering a new distillery is a hugely exciting and challenging initiative – let the years of experience at RW101 guide and help you on the journey to crafting your own unique spirit in your own unique distillery.

Fees are typically charged at an agreed day rate once a scope of works is approved between client and consultant.

A typical new build distillery project will require around 40 to 60 days of consultancy support.

Our expertise in this area ensures you can design, develop and install your distillery with confidence and have the necessary skills and raw material sourcing in position to start distilling on time, at an agreed cost with the desired spirit quality delivered.

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