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Rare Whisky Consultancy – Profitable Optimisation

As the Rare Whisky landscape changes and consumer (drinker, collector, investor) habits and the purchase decision making process evolves, it is imperative that brand owners understand where, when and how to focus their valuable and increasingly limited “liquid gold” resources.

Rare Whisky marketing needs a rifle shot not shotgun approach and brand owners must be sensitive to the triggers that appeal to this incredibly valuable segment. The dynamic growth evidenced by the secondary market (auctions) cannot and should not be ignored by brand owners.

Today’s consumers spend their time in a variety of social networks or in niche online communities with likeminded people - it is to these people they look to when seeking information.

Holistic Approach

RW 101 can assist in developing a brand plan or brand blueprint that will drive your Rare Whisky brand strategy. This holistic approach will address all key elements of the brand – and its NPD release plan – from ideation and imagination, optimal release volumes, pricing and packaging through to launch, PR and activation plans.

As your RW brand consultants we will help you to develop a strategy to acquire new and retain existing customers - unlocking value in your Rare Whisky offer, today, tomorrow and over the longer term.

Our proprietary Rare Whisky data set gathered since 2003 in the secondary UK auction market is hugely powerful – allowing RW 101 to develop models, insights and intelligence that does not exist anywhere else.

Our “RW1013I” process (Information, Intelligence & Insight) will typically follow the steps below:

RW101 Consultancy Model
  • Audit - assessment of current brand in the secondary (auction) market, in current primary markets (domestic and duty free) and "collector sentiment" for brand.
  • Competitor Landscape - assess how your brand fits - or not - in the current market. What needs to change?
  • Trends - assess current rare whisky trends, identify best and worst practice and advise what can be done for your brand to ensure success!
  • Marketing - assess how your brand is positioned and where it could or should be stretched too...
  • NPD - suggested areas to review and consider for high value, high impact NPD that is brand and market relevant, PR news worthy and highly profitable.
  • Packaging - counsel and advice on best practice, do's and dont's for rare whisky - what do collectors, connoisseurs and investors really look for!
  • Pricing - analysis and insight on secondary market pricing and primary market pricing for competitive set and projections for future growth/decline to ensure optimal monetisation.
  • Launch - advise on optimal strategies for launch, PR and "influencing the influencers" to deliver high impact, high awareness, sales success.
  • Activation - where and how to best activate for success.

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