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Cheers for record sales of whiskies

Rare whisky far from under the hammer

Whisky tots up £25M at auction

Auctions of rare whiskies top £25M

Scotch whisky exports hit record high

UK auction sales of rare whisky topped £25 million in 2017


How a good whisky can help lift your financial spirits

How to spot a fake whisky

World's most expensive dram of Scotch was a fake

World's most expensive dram of whisky exposed as fake

'Most expensive whisky' in the world found to be fake

'Rare bottle' of Scotch whisky exposed as a fake

What makes a whisky cask worth £500,000?

Whisky business

Records Fall For World’s Largest Collection Of Rare Japanese Whisky

The Latest Hot Investment: Rare Whiskies Hit A New Record

Collection of 290 Karuizawa whiskies up for sale

Raise a glass to record busting scotch

Whisky fake


It's time to soak up some truly liquid investments

Scottish malts maturing nicely into reliable investment opportunities

Another Reason to Save the Good Stuff

Rare whisky trade breaks £5 million barrier

Macallan launches final in Six Pillars Collection

Whisky Fund Investors Are About to Toast Their First Dividend

Rare whisky outperforms gold

Sweet drams for investors in rare whiskies

Investors cheer rise in rare whisky returns

Top tipple: rare whisky outperforms wine and gold as 2015 investment

The best performing investment of 2015 wasn't stocks or bonds — it was whisky

Growth in rare whisky market in 2015 exceeded all forecasts, says analyst

Liquid asset? Whisky outperformed gold (and wine) in 2015

Investments in Rare Scotch Whisky Outpaces Other Assets

The art of choosing an alternative investment

A whisky investment guide for beginners


Why you should be investing in whisky

Raise a glass cautiously to a new luxury asset

Why investors are turning to whisky

The Balvenie declines as rare whisky sales soar

Rare whisky investment market continues to boom

Investors snap up single-malts as auction sales soar by more than a third and prices rise 9%

The elite competition

Dram Fine: Value for sales of whisky at UK auctions tots up

Rare whisky investors toast rise in auction sales

Rare whiskies soar in value despite wider Scotch slump

Rare whisky soaring in value as it goes under the hammer

Whisky collecting

A taste for liquid assets brings boom in sales for rare whiskies

Rare whisky investment soaring

The Macallan suffers a “fall from grace” among rare whiskies


Tool for whisky collectors to rival liv-ex

Is Scotch whisky the new liquid gold?

Whisky Hunters Scour Globe For Rare Malts as Wine Sours

Whiskey Collecting: an Investment With Intoxicating Potential

Whisky returns more glittering than gold

How to Invest in Whiskey

Fancy a tipple? How to benefit from Osborne's whisky tax freeze

Scotch whisky starts to offer investors greater returns than fine wine


Whisky is for investors not drinkers

Price of a good whisky

Whisky ‘outperforming many alternative investments’

Scotch Sharpens Investment Credentials


Whisky Outperforms Gold - Annual Returns of Over 400%

Whisky investors cheered by rise in values


How Risky is Whisky?

Cutting to the heart of the Rare Whisky market

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