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Rare Whisky Bottle Brokerage

Never has the secondary market for rare whisky been so strong. With an expectation that the value of Scotch sold at auction in the UK breaks £20m for the first time in 2017, the immediate horizon also looks increasingly positive. Many bottle buyers – be it for consumption, collection or investment – are seeking alternative ways to secure the bottles they desire. At Rare Whisky 101 our bespoke bottle brokerage service can assist you in your quest!

We have an ever growing “black book” of sellers and buyers who see the benefits of using our brokerage service.

Our clients have four compelling reasons for seeking out rare whisky in this way:

  1. To satisfy their connoisseur/collector/investor curiosity and sale/acquisition needs
  2. Disposal or acquisition of large collections where the client does not have the time nor inclination to trade on a bottle by bottle basis at auction
  3. Anonymity of sale/purchase of iconic bottles where privacy is critical
  4. Given the competitive secondary market, with many prices hardening, they see attractive value in bottle sale/acquisition via brokering.
  • What is Brokering?
  • At Rare Whisky 101 we believe a broker is an independent party, whose services are used extensively in some industries.

  • Criticality of Entry & Exit
  • If fair value is supposed to represent the price in a sale or a transfer, that price is simultaneously an exit price for the seller and an entry price for the buyer.

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