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Index updated - 30.04.2017

Frequency of Update - Monthly


  Start Value Val 30.04.17 Change
Total Performance 100.00 453.13 353.13%
Year to Date Performance 451.00 453.13 0.47%
12 Month Performance 349.01 453.13 29.83%
3 Month Performance 454.74 453.13 -0.35%
1 Month Performance 443.38 453.13 2.20%


This index includes 100 iconic collectors’ bottles. They are highly sought after and regularly traded at auction in the UK but do not necessarily always go up in value.

Click here to see the breakdown of bottles included in the RWIcon100 Index.These bottles have been carefully selected to represent a picture of how the value of a basket of collectable bottles of Scotch are performing as a collectable/investment.


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