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Index updated - 30.04.2017

Frequency of Update - Monthly


  Start Value Val 30.04.17 Change
Total Performance 100.00 298.57 198.57%
Year to Date Performance 283.56 298.57 5.29%
12 Month Performance 244.76 298.57 21.98%
3 Month Performance 298.42 298.57 0.05%
1 Month Performance 297.25 298.57 0.44%


The 'Rare Malts Selection' series of bottles was first released in 1995 by the then DCL (Distillers Comapny Ltd) which subsequenty became part of Diageo. These bottles have vast appeal particularly to whisky collectors noting the sheer volume of releases. Tracking down a full collection is an almost never ending and frequently costly excercise.

The RWRM (Rare Whisky Rare Malts) index captures data for all known bottles and respective variants which have been traded at auction in the UK.


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