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Distillery Visitor Centre Design



The very heartbeat of each and every single malt is its spiritual home – the distillery.  Brand advocates make a pilgrimage to the home of their favourite spirits and this is particularly so in single malt.



Does your brand home tell a coherent, inspiring and evocative story?  In words, pictures, sounds, smells and deliver a multi sensory experience that cements, in a consumers mind, why you are their favourite? If not, you are missing a trick. 


Each visitor to a distillery has self selected themselves as brand advocates who typically want a rich and immersive experience and a trophy to take home.



Using our insights gained at Macallan, Dalmore, Highland Park, Balvenie and Glenfiddich in addition to regular competitor reviews across the length and breath of Scotland, we are well positioned to offer consultancy in this arena.


Images: The Dalmore Distillery Visitors Centre

Other consultancy Services

Brokering Service

Our discreet whisky brokerage matches buyers and sellers. Collections are priced at current open market (UK auction) values.


Consultancy Service

Building a brand? Building a distillery? Our consultancy services could be just the thing to provide that competitive edge.