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Andy has been an avid whisky collector from the age of 16. He is now a professional whisky valuer, broker and consultant to the Scotch whisky industry as well as a Keeper of the Quaich.

A combination of Corporate Banking, over 28 years of collecting whisky and pure passion for all things Scotch led to the creation of Whisky Highland in 2010. Since then he has become the go-to person for advice on buying, selling and collecting rare whisky. His opinion and insight is highly valued by investors, the whisky industry and collectors. He regularly provides comment and analysis for the media and has been featured in the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, GQ, The Guardian, the specialist drinks press and many other publications.

Andy and David teamed up to form Rare Whisky 101 – the world’s first consultancy expert in brokering, collecting, valuations, insight & intelligence, NPD development and brand re-positioning.

Andy lives in rural Perthshire with his wife, Kayte and young son Jacob.

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Whisky is in David’s blood – Born at Royal Brackla Distillery, he grew up around distilleries before going to university to study Brewing & Distilling. David is a Keeper of the Quaich.

In August 1994 he became the youngest Distillery Manager in Scotland.  He went on to become the Master Distiller for one of the most revered of all distilleries - The Macallan. David is responsible for the creation of some of the most iconic whiskies ever released, including The Macallan’s ‘Fine & Rare’ range.

In August 2006 David joined Whyte and Mackay as Innovation Director and began working with Master Blender, Richard Paterson, to develop exclusive, high end and rare releases such as ‘The Dalmore Constellation Collection’ and ‘The Dalmore Paterson Collection’.

David set up his own Whisky Consultancy in 2012 providing expertise and advice to the wider industry which has now evolved as part of RW101.

David lives with his wife Susan and his two children in Edinburgh.

Andy & David's Blog - The Cutting Spirit




Brokering Service

Our discreet whisky brokerage matches buyers and sellers. Collections are priced at current open market (UK auction) values.


Consultancy Service

Building a brand? Building a distillery? Our consultancy services could be just the thing to provide that competitive edge.