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The RWI100 Index (Rare Whisky Icon 100).

Updated monthly to reflect changes in the value of a collection of one hundred of the most sought after bottles of Single malt Scotch.



The Rare Whisky 101 Full Year 2016 Collector/Investor Report.

Discover how the rare whisky market has performed throughout 2016. Download the (2mb) pdf hereOr click the image below. A hi-res 6mb pdf can be downloaded here.

What We Do

RW101 are the first and only company to publish an extensive range of insight and intelligence to the whisky collector and investor. From distillery rankings based on both volume and value, to the Rare Whisky Apex 1000, 250 and 100 indices through to a number of industry leading composite performance indices.

Updated Monthly, our Rare Whisky Icon 100 index and Fine Vintage 50 chart the value performance of some iconic collectables. The Icon 100 index is designed to track the market for highly desirable, regularly traded bottles of Single Malt Scotch Whisky, not all of which have increased in value.

A more tailored approach shows the performance of various well known and heavily traded collections. The RWM18 (Rare Whisky Macallan 18 year old) Index, The RWPE (Rare Whisky Port Ellen) Index and the RWK (Rare Whisky Karuizawa) Index are three such pieces of insight.

Our unique database is also available for whisky valuations for bottles of single malt Scotch and/or Japanese whisky. The database is accessed here and contains 222,262 values covering 28,671 different bottles (as at 30th April 2017). It's the most detailed, accurate database of its kind and covers UK auction prices over the past 15 years. An example of the database's detail is that there are 119 different variants of the classic Macallan 10 year old bottling.

An example of our two page valuation report is below for the Macallan Private Eye bottling released in 1996.


Other key areas of business for Rare Whisky 101 are our consultancy, distillery design/build and rare whisky brokerage services.

For those who appreciate the finer things in life and wish to buy or sell larger volumes/collections of rare whisky, our discreet brokerage services are tailor made to make life easy. The ideal way to rapidly build (or dispose of) a collection of whisky whether that be for drinking, collecting or investing.

Follow our cutting comments, weekly auction watch and in-depth market analysis at The Cutting Spirit.



Rare Whisky 101 - Drink, Collect, Invest - Enjoy.

Brokering Service

Our discreet whisky brokerage matches buyers and sellers. Collections are priced at current open market (UK auction) values.


Consultancy Service

Building a brand? Building a distillery? Our consultancy services could be just the thing to provide that competitive edge.